sneak peek! silk shibori scarves by denj

Photography (and collage) by nicoledeephotography, model Robin Burns, styling by denj


I have a little announcement!  I have been making these scarves as gifts for my friends and family for ages, and I decided it was time to share them with everyone! Starting November 15th, I will be selling hand-dyed shibori silk scarves on Etsy. Last weekend I spent an afternoon with the extremely talented NicoleDee and the gorgeous Robin Burns creating the  look book, and  I am so in love with the results! Thank you ladies! Check back soon for updates and a link to my etsy shop!

xo denj


4 Responses to “sneak peek! silk shibori scarves by denj”

  1. Jodi Says:

    about time!!!! 🙂

  2. Kari Says:


  3. Amanda Says:

    🙂 i have one!!!!!

  4. lauren Says:

    i looooooove mine! I tied it around my handbag strap the other day…..!
    I gotta get on this and get us collaborated somehow. These would be beautiful also in a necklace like this! : With obviously more of the scarf showing. Hmmm….

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