designer crush – abigail borg

Abigail Borg is a surface/pattern designer and illustrator based out of Worcestershire, England. I came across miss Abigail via DESIGNSPONGE (one of my all time favourite blogs!) and instantly fell in love with her work.

Such gorgeous colours and beautiful florals! – she is pretty much a modern day William Morris.


to see more from Abigail Borg, click HERE



xo denj


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4 Responses to “designer crush – abigail borg”

  1. Erin Says:


    i just wanted to comment to let you know how much i love your blog!
    so cute – and great posts!

    -erin, xo

  2. Cee Says:

    These are gorgeous! I especially love the first one. I’ll definitely be checking out more of her work 🙂

  3. Leah Says:

    Thanks for following through Bloglovin’. I’m following you too!

  4. sofi Says:

    Wow, so gorgeous…! I love designsponge! Definitely going to check this out!

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