gifted&glam holiday pop-up event!

SO as I mentioned yesterday LaurenElan Collections and I are doing a little collaboration!  Lauren and I will be selling them at the GIFTED&GLAM Holiday pop-up sale along with many other gorgeous LaurenElan pieces and other great vendors. It’s the perfect event to do all your christmas shopping and check out the amazing talent Toronto has to offer!

Hope to see you next weekend!!

here’s a little sneak peek of a few of the bracelets we made!



xo denj



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7 Responses to “gifted&glam holiday pop-up event!”

  1. nicoledee Says:


  2. Sarah Says:

    Are those Lauren’s hands? Whosever they are, they should be a hand model!

  3. Thelma Says:

    The bracelets are lovely… but I LOVE that nail polish. Much glossier than similar ones I’ve seen. Where’s it from?

  4. Leah Says:

    They look great! Sorry I won’t be around this weekend to support, but good luck!

  5. Freesia Says:

    Absolutely agree with Sarah (second comment) those are beautiful model like hands, And those bracelets are gorgeous, Times like this i wish i live in toronto, to go and support talented people like you!!!! well you have all my support from México!!!

  6. lauren Says:

    haha thanks guys, yes, those are my hands…. if we don’t sell many pieces, maybe i’ll give this up and try the hand modelling thing lol.
    The nail polish (the perfect nude- after much searching) is from JoeFresh… it was a gift 🙂 Hope to see you all out on Saturday, it’s gonna be so fun!

  7. Cee Says:

    Those bracelets are gorgeous! I was just in Toronto last weekend, so sorry I’m going to miss this 😦

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