this month’s design + exciting announcement!!

This is another old pattern of mine, my apologies! BUT the good news is my design website [] is getting very close to completion! I did this pattern for my popular culture class in my 4th year at OCAD. We had to do a piece, in any medium, on one of the books we read in class, and I chose Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. The book is basically the first Sex and the City, except with a lot more drugs and without the happy ending. Sounds depressing I know, but it was actually a really good book! but anyways this was my result!





DENJ handmade silk scarves will be available at the BICYCLETTE BOUTIQUE HOLIDAY POP-UP SALE!

make sure you check it out!


xo denj


10 Responses to “this month’s design + exciting announcement!!”

  1. lauren Says:

    woo hoo!
    Looks good! The pop up sale is looking beautiful! I drove by yesturday and the theme is ‘winter wonderland’!! Paige is doing a great job and I’ll be heading over tmrw to help her set up/ style pieces etc. You’ll have to come down one evening if you can to hang! xo

  2. lauren Says:

    Here’s the link to the event details on fb:

  3. Cee Says:

    This pattern is gorgeous- you’re a talented girl! I took a look at your website, it’s coming along beautifully… very clean and pretty and easy to navigate. I have to ask, do you sell your creations anywhere online? I fell in love with your jewelry collaboration with laurenelan… I’m a complete jewelry fanatic and I would LOVE to have one of those pieces, but alas I was in Toronto at the wrong time. Is there any other way I could get my hands on one?

  4. Cee Says:

    PS: You can email me an answer to my question if it’s easier… lamontmartraise at gmail dot com

  5. Thelma Says:

    LOVE this month’s design!

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Your blog is so wonderful! That painting is just gorgeous too.

  7. Kathleen Says:

    aw thanks lovely for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it :). and loove your design! you’re so creative :). loove your artwork.

    <3, Kathleen.

  8. Leah Says:

    Thanks for the love! Have you visited her yet?

    xo L

  9. Miss Bicyclette Says:

    I’m just catching up on posts now and stumbled across this design and fell in love. It just so happens that I’m currently reading Valley of the Dolls (and finding it hard to put down!), so how perfect is that?

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