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navy and neon

February 27, 2011

blouse: altered Anthropologie, jeans: 7 for all Mankind, boots: Bronx, belt: Vintage, long necklace and bracelets: H&M, watch: DKNY, ring: F21
*photography by rsimmen


Do you guys remember this blouse? Once upon at time it was pink, then it was royal blue, and now its navy! I still wasn’t satisfied with the colour after the last time is dyed it,  but this time I think it’s just right. I’ve seen a resurgence  of 70’s flared jeans lately so I thought I’d pull these gals out of the back of my closet and give them a go. I’m so excited to wear these with in the spring/summer with bright neon sandals and a flowing floral blouse. Which also pretty much sums up what I think just about every time I get ready lately. Spring IS just around the corner right?


xo denj



how to: make a braided scarf bracelet!

February 22, 2011

Hi lovelies!
So, I’ve had a few questions about the braided bracelets in my denj lookbook; mystery revealed? it’s just a 9″x60″ scarf all braided up! And, if you are feeling so inclined, you can find some pretty scarves to make a bracelet with in my etsy shop. But in the meantime, I thought I’d show you all how to do it yourself: below is the step-by-step, I tried to make it as clear as possible, so it looks like there are a lot of steps, but it’s really easy I promise!

1. To begin the braided bracelet, you need a long thin scarf.

2. Create 3 “strands” for your braid by folding the middle,
keep the ends slightly longer than the middle strand.

3. Use your finger, or whatever is easiest, to anchor your braid and create a loop at the top.

4. Braid with your 3 “strands” as usual.

5. When you get closer to the bottom you should have another loop
created by the middle that you folded earlier.

6. Braid until the loop is as small as possible around your finger,

7. Pull your longest strand through the loop and pull tight as below.

8. Pull the same strand partially through the top loop

9. Put on your wrist, and pull tight,

10. and tie it in a knot of course!

easy right? let me know if you have any questions, any at all.



xo denj

kensington afternoon

February 21, 2011

sweater, coat, and belt: Aritzia, jeans: James Jeans, boots: via Locale, silk scarf: denj+etsy, black scarf: unknown, purse: Sondra Roberts via Winners, sunnies: Ray-Ban
*photography: 1-3 by sarah, 4 by shana, 5-9 by me*



I spent the day off today sharing brunch (my absolute favourite meal!) and browsing Kensington Market in the winter sunshine with two of my best girls, Shana and Sarah. Anytime the sun decides to make an appearance in the depths of winter is always extremely uplifting, especially when enjoyed with best friends.


xo denj


Guess WHAT!

February 18, 2011

all images via TheDaybook


See that lovely girl? Of course it’s Sydney from The Daybook! She was so kind to wear one of my handmade scarves on her blog, and styled it SO perfectly. GUSHING with excitement!

Thank you SO much Sydney!


xo denj



ps. get the GOODS in my ETSY SHOP!


outfit du jour: turquoise and sea turtles

February 14, 2011

blouse and red ring: F21, cardigan: Aritzia, purse: Lachetta via Winners *photography by rsimmen*

turquoise + sea turtles + sequins = love.


xo denj

outfit du jour: red and pink and furry

February 13, 2011

coat: JCrew, jeans: James Jeans, sweater: Aritzia, boots: via Little Burgundy, fur collar: 69 Vintage, bag: Lachetta via Winners, red ring: F21, b+w silk scarf: denj+etsy
*photography by rsimmen*


I didn’t realize until I was editing these pictures that I was wearing valentines colours! how very appropriate. This purse is has been a favourite of mine for years, one of the reasons that I love shopping at Winners. There are so many gems to be found there! The fur collar is the one  that I picked up at 69 Vintage a few weeks ago, I’ve been using it to winterize and warm up lighter coats and cardigans, it’s so versatile I love it!
I hope you all have a lovely valentines day full of chocolate kisses and cinnamon hearts.


how to wear a silk scarf #2: tie it to your purse to add some extra colour or pattern  – purses need accessories too!


xo  denj


inspiration: proenza schouler

February 8, 2011

images via refinery29 and

proenza schouler: colour, texture, pattern, and sheer fabrics. unexpected yet feminine. major label love.


xo denj




sweater slushie

February 7, 2011

sweater: DIY American Eagle via Winners, skirt: Club Monaco, boots: Locale, necklace: Anthropologie *photography by rsimmen


I was feeling inspired by Sienna Miller’s cute cropped sweater from Top Shop, so I decided to do my own version! I’ve had this American Eagle sweater for a few years now, and it was forgotten at the back of my closet – it was a perfect fit for DIY #2. When you are altering a knit, it can sometimes be tricky because as we know, a knit can unravel pretty quickly. So instead of doing a hem at the bottom, I kept the original hem and created a seam where the knit style changes. Easy- Peasy.


xo denj




ps. I just wanted to say THANKYOU! to Kate of O My Heart for featuring me on her blog last week. It absolutely made my day! xo

DIY cheetah blouse!

February 6, 2011

Get ready for the easiest DIY you have ever seen! So easy, I don’t know if this really qualifies, but in any case, its something easy you can do to freshen up your wardrobe instead of shopping. This DIY all begins because I’ve banned myself from the mall, or any other type of shopping for the month of February (shortest month of the year, so it should be do-able! ) and as a direct result of shopping bans, I usually end up turning to my closet and chopping up a few things and making them into “new” items. Sometimes with good results, sometimes… not so much. This one’s a goodie though. I bought this blouse last month from forever 21, I love the pattern and the 70’s sleeves,  but I wasn’t so fond of the elastic waistband, so I decided to remove it to create more of a “flowy” look. All you need is a stitch ripper, or a pair of scissors, and voila! a brand new top.  I also removed the bottom button and moved up the seam in the front so that the back of the blouse would be slightly longer. Pretty simple, I know, but sometimes its the small details that make all the difference.



blouse – DIY Forever 21, jeans: James Jeans, necklace: Anthropologie, boots: borrowed.


xo denj

pretty pastels

February 3, 2011

all images JCrew february catalogue + a few sequins

I’m loving these cool pastels with pops of yellow and olive (and sequins!) for spring. A look I will definitely be embracing, once the weather allows.



xo denj

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