DIY cheetah blouse!

Get ready for the easiest DIY you have ever seen! So easy, I don’t know if this really qualifies, but in any case, its something easy you can do to freshen up your wardrobe instead of shopping. This DIY all begins because I’ve banned myself from the mall, or any other type of shopping for the month of February (shortest month of the year, so it should be do-able! ) and as a direct result of shopping bans, I usually end up turning to my closet and chopping up a few things and making them into “new” items. Sometimes with good results, sometimes… not so much. This one’s a goodie though. I bought this blouse last month from forever 21, I love the pattern and the 70’s sleeves,  but I wasn’t so fond of the elastic waistband, so I decided to remove it to create more of a “flowy” look. All you need is a stitch ripper, or a pair of scissors, and voila! a brand new top.  I also removed the bottom button and moved up the seam in the front so that the back of the blouse would be slightly longer. Pretty simple, I know, but sometimes its the small details that make all the difference.



blouse – DIY Forever 21, jeans: James Jeans, necklace: Anthropologie, boots: borrowed.


xo denj


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4 Responses to “DIY cheetah blouse!”

  1. Kate Says:

    SO cute! I have been wanting a leopard print blouse for ages! What a great way to update a blouse you love other than one minor detail!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I’ve always loved that necklace! Great job on the DIY. When are you going to showcase that cute crop sweater you made, hmmm?

  3. Cee Says:

    Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean the results aren’t fabulous 🙂 This kind of DIY is exactly my speed! Love the blouse with those furry boots.

  4. Linda Says:

    Heck yes! I love this! Great idea. I am always too scared to try stuff like this for fear of ruining what I have, but you’ve inspired me to go for it! Can’t wait to go look through my closet and see what needs changing!

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