mix tape

H&M locket, scarf, and dress, Aritzia leggings and belt, Aldo Shoes, rings are Tiffany’s, Bicyclette, and H&M


photography by rsimmen



I managed to incorporate florals, stripes, and cheetah print into this outfit, and for me print mixing is the ultimate of outfit success. That, and the ability to take Ryley for a walk and not have to wear a heavy coat – spring is getting ever closer!

 happy st. patrick’s day!

xo denj


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12 Responses to “mix tape”

  1. Kari Says:

    I love you! and ryley. i think these may be my favorite photos yet.

  2. Kate Says:

    You are so pretty! I love this outfit, especially the belt & shoes! I have been playing with mixing prints lately (so far just in front of my mirror, not in public or in photo) trying to see what works!

  3. Nury Says:

    Very pretty outfit, I love that dress and your shoes! 🙂

  4. Cee Says:

    Way to mix prints… You did it so well; it didn’t even really occur to me that you had mixed them until I read your post. Subtlety is key, and this look is the embodiment of that. Love your floral scarf. And your dog. He’s adorable 🙂

  5. Lyddiegal Says:

    I just adore all you accessories – the turquoise ring, the floral scarf, and Ryley!

  6. Kristen Says:

    I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example of mixing prints in my life – so well executed! Between you and that pup, there is too much cuteness in this post.

    PS – Thanks for your fab comment on my blog about Anthro. I am definitely going to take your advice and hit the store instead!

  7. Jaclyn Says:

    This is such an adorable outfit and I love your photos. Great scarf, the pattern is lovely.

  8. señorita Says:

    Love the scarf and that ring… Oh, and the dog too 😉


  9. Kristin Says:

    Okay, that’s it, you are one of my very favorite bloggers now. I love everything you post! Blogger crush!


  10. Ashley Says:

    Great how you mixed in so many patterns in one outfit. Love it. Aren’t those leggings the most comfortable in the world? They are my favourite. ❤

  11. Federica Says:

    You look great, so chic and classy!!!

  12. Becca Says:

    How did I miss this post? I love love love the mix of prints.

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