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xo denj


8 Responses to “thoughts”

  1. country girl city world Says:

    Love these pics! I just discovered Pinterest and I LOVE IT!!


  2. Kate Says:

    I love this post! So much pretty! I need the necklace from the first photo in my life… but shipping from modcloth costs more than the necklace does! womp womp!

  3. A Fine Balance Says:

    I love the outfit! I think the wedge sandals are perfect for summer nights 🙂 and colour blocking the hot pink and yellow, great choice. I definitely believe life is art. what a great poster/print.

  4. Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys Says:

    I love the pink with the yellow idea, and those round sunglasses are just perfect!

  5. potpiedumonde Says:

    I adore these pictures! The yellow is such a gorgeous shade! Amazing blog you have!

  6. donna Says:

    gorgeous bracelets and sunnies in the second-last photo!


  7. silver daisy designs Says:

    In L.O.V.E with that outfit!!! Especially the shoes! xo

  8. Kristin Says:

    Isn’t pinterest amazing? I follow you, and I love alllll of these images (especially the ribbons. mmm!). I think I may go over and pin a few things now.

    Thank you for the (pin)spiration.



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