yummy yummy blueberry muffins

{photo by me}

These blueberry muffins have quickly become a favourite in our house. They are so wonderful that we made 3 batches and froze the extras so that we could have blueberry yummy-ness for longer! We found the recipe HERE, and made a few small changes by swapping out the oil for apple sauce (it totally works, and adds a nice apple flavour!) and sprinkling a bit of coconut on top. YUM!

xo denj


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5 Responses to “yummy yummy blueberry muffins”

  1. Jessica Zigenis Says:

    Not only do these look amazingly delicious, but the photo is gorgeous!

  2. Nury Says:

    Oh, nice! Thank you for sharing all these yummy recipes. I love cooking, and even better when it’s healthy yummy recipes! Definitely saving this one 🙂

  3. Cee Says:

    Coconut topping on a blueberry muffin? I don’t know why it never crossed my mind, but the idea is absolutely ingenious! Can’t wait to test out this recipe. Well, get my husband to make this recipe for me, I should say 😉

  4. Bad Joan Says:

    Looks delicious! Love that there is coconut!


  5. Rebecca Says:

    Those look so tasty! As for the applesauce, that sounds like a good sub for oil, for sure. I have used pureed peaches similarly in a muffin recipe, and they were so much better than the originals!

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