guest post: leah of little red purse

Hello friends at Hellodenj. My name is Leah from the blog Little Red Purse, and I am so excited to guest post for Danielle while she’s off having a lovely time on vacation. I have known Danielle for many years, so not only is she a blogging friend, she’s a real life friend as well! I love keeping up with her blog and all her fabulous cooking and outfit ideas.
Here’s a little bit about me. I have a background in Fashion Design and love sharing my daily inspiration and outfits through my blog. I have an etsy shop with my mom and sister called 3 Thrifty Ladies that is a collection of all our passions. I curate the vintage clothing and love mixing it up with current pieces to create unique outfits.The outfit I’m sharing with you today is one of my favourite silk tops from our shop, paired with a great pair of basic black shorts. You can never have too much fun with accessories so I paired it with one of my favourite necklaces from India and the summer essential, a straw fedora.
Thanks for having me, I hope you enjoyed our little meet and greet. Hope you’ll stop by on my little blog and say hello.

Fedora & Shorts: H&M
Silk Blouse: available @ 3 Thrifty Ladies
Necklace: Gift from India
Bangles: Forever 21

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4 Responses to “guest post: leah of little red purse”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Looking fabulous and chic as always Leah! That silk top is lovely!

  2. Jessica Zigenis Says:

    Shorts and silk tops are so effortlessly chic. You are too cute for words! Great guest post! xo

  3. Frankie Hearts Fashion Says:

    LOVE that blouse Leah! xo

  4. Cee Says:

    I had no idea you had an etsy shop, Leah! I’ll definitely be stopping by for a visit, that silk blouse is just gorgeous. I would never have thought to pair it with a straw fedora, but on you they’re a perfectly natural combination!

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