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new! neons and ombres

June 22, 2011

Hi girlies! I’ve updated my ETSY shop – these babies wanna be yours!

xo denj



March 21, 2011

Aritzia dress and leggings,  boots from Locale, H&M locket, LaurenElan bracelet, Denj scarf.


So it’s finally time to share my exciting news!
Bicyclette Boutique has just opened its doors on Queen Street W. and has picked up my line of scarves!  I dropped off the first shipment on Saturday : )


If you are a Toronto girl, or you are visiting the city be sure to stop by!

Bicyclette Boutique
880 Queen Street West.


how to: make a braided scarf bracelet!

February 22, 2011

Hi lovelies!
So, I’ve had a few questions about the braided bracelets in my denj lookbook; mystery revealed? it’s just a 9″x60″ scarf all braided up! And, if you are feeling so inclined, you can find some pretty scarves to make a bracelet with in my etsy shop. But in the meantime, I thought I’d show you all how to do it yourself: below is the step-by-step, I tried to make it as clear as possible, so it looks like there are a lot of steps, but it’s really easy I promise!

1. To begin the braided bracelet, you need a long thin scarf.

2. Create 3 “strands” for your braid by folding the middle,
keep the ends slightly longer than the middle strand.

3. Use your finger, or whatever is easiest, to anchor your braid and create a loop at the top.

4. Braid with your 3 “strands” as usual.

5. When you get closer to the bottom you should have another loop
created by the middle that you folded earlier.

6. Braid until the loop is as small as possible around your finger,

7. Pull your longest strand through the loop and pull tight as below.

8. Pull the same strand partially through the top loop

9. Put on your wrist, and pull tight,

10. and tie it in a knot of course!

easy right? let me know if you have any questions, any at all.



xo denj

Guess WHAT!

February 18, 2011

all images via TheDaybook


See that lovely girl? Of course it’s Sydney from The Daybook! She was so kind to wear one of my handmade scarves on her blog, and styled it SO perfectly. GUSHING with excitement!

Thank you SO much Sydney!


xo denj



ps. get the GOODS in my ETSY SHOP!


outfit du jour: red and pink and furry

February 13, 2011

coat: JCrew, jeans: James Jeans, sweater: Aritzia, boots: via Little Burgundy, fur collar: 69 Vintage, bag: Lachetta via Winners, red ring: F21, b+w silk scarf: denj+etsy
*photography by rsimmen*


I didn’t realize until I was editing these pictures that I was wearing valentines colours! how very appropriate. This purse is has been a favourite of mine for years, one of the reasons that I love shopping at Winners. There are so many gems to be found there! The fur collar is the one  that I picked up at 69 Vintage a few weeks ago, I’ve been using it to winterize and warm up lighter coats and cardigans, it’s so versatile I love it!
I hope you all have a lovely valentines day full of chocolate kisses and cinnamon hearts.


how to wear a silk scarf #2: tie it to your purse to add some extra colour or pattern  – purses need accessories too!


xo  denj


outfit du jour: cozy it up!

January 27, 2011

sweater: Lavish&Squalor, jeans: James Jeans, shoes: Jeffery Campbell, pashmina: unknown, silk scarf: denj + etsy


Just a quick one today! How to style a silk scarf #1

A great way to winterize a light scarf is to wear it mixed with another thicker scarf: it adds volume and keeps you cozy!


xo denj

jean and jewellery

January 23, 2011

denim shirt: Mendocino, skirt: Urban Outfitters, belt: French Connection, necklace and bracelect: Denj + LaurenElan

*photography by rsimmen


Guess what guys! You can finally buy Denj+LaurenElan pieces online!

find the Juliet Necklace HERE
and the DENJ bracelet HERE


xo denj



denj + etsy! new styles added

January 20, 2011

Hi lovelies! I just added a bunch of new styles to my ETSY SHOP!
I can also do custom orders, so if you have some specific colours/patterns you’d like, let me know.

also I’m going to do a “how to wear your silk scarf in a bazillion ways” soon, so be sure to check back!

xo denj



this month’s design + exciting announcement!!

December 14, 2010

This is another old pattern of mine, my apologies! BUT the good news is my design website [] is getting very close to completion! I did this pattern for my popular culture class in my 4th year at OCAD. We had to do a piece, in any medium, on one of the books we read in class, and I chose Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. The book is basically the first Sex and the City, except with a lot more drugs and without the happy ending. Sounds depressing I know, but it was actually a really good book! but anyways this was my result!





DENJ handmade silk scarves will be available at the BICYCLETTE BOUTIQUE HOLIDAY POP-UP SALE!

make sure you check it out!


xo denj

denj lookbook!

November 23, 2010


Woot! It’s here! Presenting the DENJ lookbook!

Find these scarves in my etsy shop – and more coming very soon!



Photography by NICOLEDEEPHOTOGRAPHY check out her BLOG too!

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