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September 8, 2011

{ flats: DVF, jeans: Joe Fresh, jacket: F21, blouse: Aritzia, bag: Badgley Mischka}

I feel like fall weather came the instant the month read September. Which is good and bad. I like wearing my fall layers and colours and the crisp air, but I’m missing my summer dresses and sandals already! And also slightly dreading that awful season that comes after autumn of course. Can time slow down please?

xo denj



September 6, 2011

{jacket: Forever 21, dress: altered H&M, scarf: Loft, flats: DVF, photography by rsimmen}

I’ve posted this dress a few times before (here and here), with one major difference – it used to be a maxi! I decided the length just wasn’t for me and gave the dress a lil’ trim. I love it so much more now! I guess maxi’s aren’t my thing after all. : )

xo denj


August 25, 2011

 {denim shirt: Mendocino, lace shorts: Primark, shoes and sunnies: Urban Outfitters, purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs, photos by kari }

just a quick one!

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August 18, 2011

{shoes: Zara, skirt: Durumi, blouse: JoeFresh, purse: MBMJ, sunnies: Stella McCartney}

I am officially obsessed with these shoes (even though they turned my feet blue the first time I wore them!) I love Zara shoes, and totally swear by them. I feel like they always take the right kind of risks in shape and colour (and I got these babies on sale!)

xo denj

sweet summer

August 15, 2011

{On me: blouse: Tibi, skirt: H&M, clutch: thrifted, shoes and necklace: borrowed, on Jodi: shoes and dress: Zara, clutch unknown, photos by Lauren}

Hi Lovelies! Just a few snaps (thanks Lauren!) of a dinner out in Chicago last week with my older sister and company! We took a break from Lollapalooza to get dressed up for a dinner in Wicker Park and then stopped by Rush Street for gelato on the way home. Oh Summer, please don’t come to an end!



xo denj

jet set

July 31, 2011

{tunic: Zara, vest: altered F21, leggings: Aritzia, bag: MBMJ, bracelets and sunnies: H&M, flats: DVF, scarf: Denj}

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving on a jet plane to New York and Chicago for the week! I am beyond excited!! and I’m  also super lucky to have a few lovely ladies (KristyLeahKateCee, and Kristin!) filling in for me on here while I’m gone. Thank you so much girls!

xo denj

kinda, really

July 20, 2011

{skirt: Ark & Co via Bicyclette Boutique, tee: Urban Outfitters, watch: Portobello Market in London, mesh bracelet: TopShop, woven chain bracelet: DIY via Honestly WTF, photography by Kari}

Yes, I actually wore this skirt to take Ryley for a walk, and right after I wore it to the grocery store. And yes, I did get a few extra looks from a few grandmas in the produce section, but hey, I figure it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed right?… or is that just my theory? I feel like there must be some affirming quote from Chanel or Audrey Hepburn out there somewhere.  In other news I finally tried out that amazing woven chain bracelet DIY from Honestly WTF – it’s just as good as I imagined I love it!

xo denj


July 17, 2011

{dress and skirt: unknown, sandals: Zara, belt: Aritzia, bracelet: Jcrew, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. On Kari: dress: Dace, oxfords: Office}

It has been insanely hot in the past week, and I mean that in the best way. Work lunch breaks have been spent outside on Starbuck’s patio to soak up as much as possible, and weekends wandering around the city, brunching, and reading books and doing word puzzles in the park. All the best nothingness of summer. I started this outfit with the blue skirt in the first few pictures and the dress worn as a shirt, but it was so hot that shedding any unnecessary layers was the only way to cope. We found the most amazing wall off of Queen St. and the yellow dress was a perfect match. Serendipitous maybe? haha, anyways the real best part is the window in the sky – its like it’s straight out of  Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or something, I love it!

xo denj


July 13, 2011

{dress, locket, sunnies: H&M, vest: DIY+F21, sandals: UrbanOutfitters}
photography by Kari 

I’m beginning to see a trend in my blogging habits – I tend to blog in groups – a bunch in a row and then nothing for ages! So I’m going to try to put those intense blogging times to extra use and save up a few extra post for those long breaks in between! Spread the love a little you know? haha So just you WAIT. I’ve already got an amazing recipe all prepped and ready for tomorrow. It’s extremely yummy!

xo denj


July 12, 2011

{on me: vest: DIY F21, skirt: Urban Outfitters, tank: Aritzia, shoes: Zara, necklace: Hudson Bay Co., bracelets: H&M, on Kari: dress and shoes: Urban Outfitters}

2 things:
# 1: it was my little sister(and baker extraordinaire)’s 20th birthday this past weekend! My mom and I woke up early, hung streamers in the backyard and made pancakes and fruit salad  – yum!
#2: I’ve been seeing quite a few olive vests circulating the blogosphere lately and I realized I had the perfect one already in-house! I chopped off the sleeves and did a little hemming and voila! I’ve been wearing it pretty much constantly since.

xo denj

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